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If you found this website you belong to the 1% of the gamers, who are looking for tools like the FIFA 21 hack to get free FIFA 21 coins and points. Welcome to the biggest secret in the FUT community. From now on you have the chance to get any player you want, to win more matches, and to join the Top 100!

The first rule: Never talk about the hack! Keep it a secret! Tell everyone it is fake and no one will notice anything! Only a small group of people should use the online generator.

Imagine you could get players like Messi, Maradona, and Pele without wasting money for FIFA Points. The FIFA 21 hack for Ultimate Team helps you to generate free FUT coins and points on your Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

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Get free FIFA 21 coins and points for Ultimate Team

The Ultimate Team in-game currencies “coins” and “points” are extremely important in the game. Every year gamers are spending hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars just to get better players. From now on you can use the FIFA 21 coins hack and avoid any additional costs. You don’t need to spend a single cent on any of these items anymore.

Generate free points and coins, open as many packs as you want to, and get yourself any player you wish.

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The biggest issue

I know the reason why you are here. You don’t want to spend your real money for FIFA Points. Every single year gamers like you and I have to start from the beginning. The team we built in FUT 20 is gone. All the coins we had are gone. It feels like we wasted so much time and money. It is like a loop that keeps repeating itself. It has been like this for years now! This is the main reason we want to use tools like the FIFA 21 hack.

Instead of spending our hard-earned money for in-game currencies on FUT, we could easily generate free coins and points with the FIFA 21 coin generator. In fact, thousands of gamers worldwide already used cheats and hacks for Ultimate Team, but they kept it as a secret. In fact, the FIFA 21 hack can dramatically increase the chance of winning matches.

FIFA Ultimate Team is Pay To Win

Your chance to win matches and to score goals is much bigger when you have awesome players like Maradona, Ronaldo, or Ronaldinho in your team. It doesn’t matter how good you are and how many skills you got. At a certain level, it only depends on your players. The big problem: The more money you spend on FUT the better players you will get. If you don’t spend any money you will need to spend a lot of time trading and playing matches. Therefore buying FIFA Points is a real shortcut for everyone who has enough money. This makes the whole game unbalanced! The FIFA 21 coin generator brings back the balance and makes the game become more equal.

Here is a quick example: You only got an average team with gold players. Now you are facing an opponent with a team full of FUT Icons like Gullit, Cruyff, and Ferdinand. Even both of you have the same skills, his players are better in defending, better at passing and they are also better at scoring goals. The main factor why you will lose the game are the players. His players are better and this is why he will win. With the FIFA 21 hack, both of you can get such players and there won’t be any inequality.

What is P2W?

“Games that let you buy better gear or allow you to make better items then everyone else at a faster rate and then makes the game largely unbalanced even for people who have skill in the game without paying.”


The microtransactions can turn out to be really dangerous.

“The danger is that if a low-income person also has a whale mentality and overspends, they can get themselves into major financial trouble and the games are designed to encourage this,”


fifa 21 coins hack

Criticism and Pros

Professional players who are participating in tournaments like the FUT Champions Cup and the World Cup criticized Electronic Arts for the pay to win and the bad gameplay. It is not a secret the gameplay of the game became worse in the last few years. More and more pros are sharing their opinions about this game and most of them are suffering consequences like getting banned on the game.

The famous pro Kurt got banned almost everywhere. He can’t participate in tournaments anymore. His Twitch, YouTube and other accounts got banned as well. And why? Because he says what most of the players are thinking!


But don’t think this is enough! EA is paying famous streamers and influencers to spread “good news” about the game. This is called “EA Game Changers”.

Here is what Electronic Arts is saying about the game changers:

“Game Changers is EA’s community partnership program that fuses content creators and expert players directly into the game development process enabling early collaborative feedback for improvements. We also empower innovative storytelling by granting creators early access to gameplay capture.”

Guess who is getting into this partnership program? Only those who won’t criticize EA. Only those who are happy to play this game and receive certain benefits like an early version of the game. Of course, none of them ever said anything about the FIFA 21 hack, but we are sure some of them actually used it.

You don’t need to worry about using the FIFA 21 coins hack. Electronic Arts is disgraceful and they deserve it.

Glitches and Bugs

Like every year there are several glitches and bugs in FIFA 21. It seems like EA doesn’t care to fix them. This company is earning billions, but they can’t fix simple glitches in the game. However, the bugs are also one reason why the FIFA 21 hack is fully working. There are several loopholes in the EA database, which allows tools like the FIFA 21 coin generator to take advantage of it. We won’t go too much into the detail, but we can tell you this: The glitch exists for many years already.

For 8 years there has been the same bug in the database, which allows the FIFA coin generator to change certain values in the game. It is hilarious how the same glitches and bugs are still existing every single year.

Here are some funny in-game glitches and bugs:


Features of FIFA 21 UT

There are several new features in FUT 21. You can fully customize your stadium now. Also, there are more rewards, modes and in general, there are more possibilities in the game. Here are some screenshots of the new features:

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Get the best players & FUT Icons

Like every year EA added some new FUT Icons into the game. From now on you will be able to get players like Fernando Torres, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Eric Cantona. However, getting them is quite difficult. You need to be really lucky! Yes, there are certainly other methods to get them, for example playing Squad Building Challenges or collecting tokens in order to redeem rewards, but it will take a lot of time. That being said, if you are doing SBCs you already need high-rated players in your team, otherwise you won’t be able to complete the challenges. The FIFA 21 hack can easily fix this problem.

Here is a full list of the new FUT Icons in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team:

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Now there are 100 different FUT Icons in the game. Here are all of them:
The easiest way to get them is by using the FIFA 21 hack. Get free FIFA 21 coins and points and use them to buy the Icons in the market or to open an enormous amount of packs. This is by far the easiest and fastest solution!

Cheats, Guides, Tips and Tricks

Everyone is looking for FIFA 21 cheats, but you have to realize most of them are just normal tips and tricks for the game. They are not really helpful. Mostly, they are just explaining the basics to you. How to trade, how to use certain tactics and strategies, which formation is the best and so on. However, they are never telling you about the FIFA 21 coin generator or the hack. They don’t tell you it is possible to get free FIFA 21 points and coins for Ultimate Team. We don’t know why, but we guess it is because they don’t want to start talking about cheats and hacks.

The FIFA 21 hack is still not common. Some gamers know it exists and many others think it is fake. There are many rumors and misleading information about the online generator.

free fifa 21 coins and points for Ultimate Team
Somehow all the tips and tricks will never tell you about the FIFA 21 hack, we are wondering why? 😉

The FIFA 21 coins hack is the perfect solution

If you want to become better, win more matches and dominate the FUT Champions Cup you will need the best possible team. Getting high-rated players in the normal way will cost you a lot of time and money. Don’t do that. It can be much easier. The FIFA 21 coin generator is probably the easiest, fastest and most reliable solution for everyone who would like to become a real champion.

You never need to worry about how to spend your FIFA coins. Do whatever you want! Spend hours of opening FUT packs and still buy great players on the market. There are no restrictions! We asked hundreds of gamers what is the most frustrating part of Ultimate Team and most of them answered: Putting too high expectations into the packs. Yes, they are right. Mostly you will get average players and rare consumable objects like stadiums, coaches or contracts. Avoid it by using the FIFA 21 hack now.

It is absolutely not worth it to buy FUT Packs with your real money. Avoid it at all costs! Simply use the FIFA 21 hack instead!

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The FIFA 21 hack is the easiest, fastest and most reliable method for free coins!

Features of the FUT 21 hack

  • Earn unlimited free FIFA 21 coins
  • Earn free FIFA 21 points
  • Use it as often as you want
  • It works for the Xbox, PlayStation, PC and Nintendo Switch
  • It also works for the FUT Companion and FUT Web App
  • You don’t need to download any file
  • There is no risk of getting banned
  • It is available in french, english, portuguese, italian and spanish
  • Proxies and encryption methods are already implemented
  • Save a lot of time
  • Save a lot of money
  • Never get disappointed again
  • Tutorial on how to use the FIFA 21 hack
  • Spend hours of opening FUT packs
  • Increase your chance to win matches rapidly
  • Your friends will envy you
  • 24/7 Live Support
  • Get the best possible players in the game effortlessly

Thousands of gamers are already using the FIFA 21 points hack, how about you?

Rule Number 1: Don’t talk about the FIFA 21 hack

The reason why you never heard of the FIFA 21 coin generator before is simple: No one is talking about it. Personally, I know at least 50 famous YouTuber and streamers on Twitch, who used the FIFA 21 hack for Ultimate Team. No one knows they used the hack. All of their subscribers and followers are thinking they paid real money for the FIFA Points and coins. You never saw how they got them, right? It would be easy to use the FIFA 21 hack and afterward say they bought the items, right? Or they got “sponsored”, right?

I don’t blame them. Even you, who will probably get millions of coins and points just within a couple of minutes by using the FIFA 21 coins hack will not talk about it. Why? Because you know one thing: Your friends and everyone else will be jealous. Do you know what jealous people are doing? They are trying to hurt you. Don’t get me wrong, they are not necessarily bad people, but by themselves, they probably spend hundreds of dollars and suddenly you come along and tell them you just used the FIFA 21 hack, got no consequences and you didn’t spend a single cent. Of course, they are getting angry.

The chance even your best friends and biggest fans will report you to EA is very high. Do yourself a favor and never talk about the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team hack in public. Don’t do it. It will backfire!

Instead, deny everything, make fun of the FIFA 21 hack and tell everyone it is fake! There are two advantages to it: First of all, if you tell everyone the FIFA 21 coins generator is fake they will never assume you used it. Secondly, they won’t use it by themselves.

fifa 21 coins hack
Open as many FUT packs as you want!

Frequently asked questions

Will someone ask for my password, security question or email?

No, nobody will ask for any kind of private information.

Is it safe?

Yes, the FIFA Ultimate Team hack exists for many years already and we never heard of anyone who got into trouble.

How many times can I use the FIFA 21 UT hack?

You can use the FIFA 21 hack as often as you want.

Is this really working?

Yes, millions of players successfully generated free coins and points already.

Is it also working for the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X?

Yes, it also works for the PS5 and Xbox Series X!

Is the FIFA 21 coin generator no human verification legal?

Of course, it is legal. It is like every other cheat or hack for an online game. The worst thing which can happen is you will get a warning.

I didn’t receive free FUT 21 coins and points yet, why?

It may take some time. It depends on our servers, EA servers and how many people are using the FUT 21 hack at the moment.

Is there any way I can contact you?

Yes, we got a contact and support page. Scroll down and press on contact us. Use the form to message us.

Use the FIFA 21 coin generator

Here is how to do it!

This is the latest version of the FIFA 21 hack for Ultimate Team. We never know how long it is going to work. It might be possible Electronic Arts is going to publish a new update tomorrow, which makes the hack useless. We are always trying to add new features. We recommend you to use the FIFA 21 generator as soon as possible!

We wish you lots of fun with the FIFA 21 hack and hope it could help you!

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